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Tire Advantage


Volvo of Danbury Offers:
Original equipment tires best suited to your vehicle

Competitive pricing on all major brands

24-month road hazard coverage

Convenient one-stop tire solution

Installation and inspection by Volvo-trained technicians

Volvo Sizes Up Their Tires
Tires influence your entire driving experience. As the only points of contact between your
vehicle and the road, tires need to effectively transmit the forces of acceleration, braking
and cornering.

Volvo engineers select original equipment tires that meet the stringent specifications
of each vehicle. Selection is based on comprehensive testing that covers the following:

Traction - Stability
- Comfort - Road Noise - Tread Life - Load - Fuel Economy

Replacing the tires on your Volvo with those that meet the original equipment
specifications will help maximize your vehicle's comfort, performance and safety.

Ask a Volvo service advisor which tires are best for your vehicle and driving habits.


Caring for Your Tires

Check your tire pressure every month andbefore long journeys to prevent safety and performance issues.

Underinflation reduces fuel efficiency and causes uneven wear on the tire's outside edges, increasing the risk of a failure or blowout.

Overinflation causes more wear to the center and can cause the tire to separate from the belt. Overinflation also causes harsh ride and poor handling.

As a tire's tread wears down, its ability to provide traction and prevent hydroplaning diminishes. Tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch.

New tires generally start with a 10/32" tread, and 2/32" is the minimum legal tread depth in most states.

If you don't know the condition of your tires, have them checked by your
Volvo retailer. A multi-point inspection conducted by a Volvo service advisor will identify remaining tread depth and any damage or inflation issues that could compromise your vehicle.

When it's time to replace your tires, visit your Volvo retailer. Your service
advisor will find the right tires for you and your Volvo, and expertly trained Volvo technicians will install them properly.